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# Copyright Iris contributors
# This file is part of Iris and is released under the LGPL license.
# See COPYING and COPYING.LESSER in the root of the repository for full
# licensing details.

Extensions to Iris' NetCDF saving to allow
:class:`~iris.experimental.ugrid.mesh.Mesh` saving in UGRID format.

Eventual destination: :mod:`iris.fileformats.netcdf` (plan to split that module
into ``load`` and ``save`` in future).

from import Iterable

from ...fileformats import netcdf

[docs]def save_mesh(mesh, filename, netcdf_format="NETCDF4"): """ Save mesh(es) to a netCDF file. Args: * mesh (:class:`iris.experimental.ugrid.Mesh` or iterable): mesh(es) to save. * filename (string): Name of the netCDF file to create. Kwargs: * netcdf_format (string): Underlying netCDF file format, one of 'NETCDF4', 'NETCDF4_CLASSIC', 'NETCDF3_CLASSIC' or 'NETCDF3_64BIT'. Default is 'NETCDF4' format. """ # TODO: integrate with standard saving API when no longer 'experimental'. if isinstance(mesh, Iterable): meshes = mesh else: meshes = [mesh] # Initialise Manager for saving with netcdf.Saver(filename, netcdf_format) as sman: # Iterate through the list. for mesh in meshes: # Get suitable dimension names. mesh_dimensions, _ = sman._get_dim_names(mesh) # Create dimensions. sman._create_cf_dimensions( cube=None, dimension_names=mesh_dimensions ) # Create the mesh components. sman._add_mesh(mesh) # Add a conventions attribute. # TODO: add 'UGRID' to conventions, when this is agreed with CF ? sman.update_global_attributes( Conventions=netcdf.CF_CONVENTIONS_VERSION )