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Provides common metadata mixin behaviour.

In this module:


class iris.common.mixin.CFVariableMixin[source]#
name(default=None, token=False)#

Returns a string name representing the identity of the metadata.

First it tries standard name, then it tries the long name, then the NetCDF variable name, before falling-back to a default value, which itself defaults to the string ‘unknown’.


  • default:

    The fall-back string representing the default name. Defaults to the string ‘unknown’.

  • token:

    If True, ensures that the name returned satisfies the criteria for the characters required by a valid NetCDF name. If it is not possible to return a valid name, then a ValueError exception is raised. Defaults to False.




Changes the human-readable name.

If ‘name’ is a valid standard name it will assign it to standard_name, otherwise it will assign it to long_name.

property attributes#
property long_name#

The CF Metadata long name for the object.

property metadata#
property standard_name#

The CF Metadata standard name for the object.

property units#

The S.I. unit of the object.

property var_name#

The NetCDF variable name for the object.