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Provides Creation and saving of DOT graphs for a iris.cube.Cube.

In this module:[source]#

Return a DOT text representation a iris.cube.Cube.


cube – The cube for which to create DOT text.

↑ top ↑, target)[source]#

Save a dot representation of the cube.

  • cube (iris.cube.Cube.) –

  • target – A filename or open file handle.

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↑ top ↑, target, launch=False)[source]#

Produce a “dot” instance diagram by calling dot and optionally launching the resulting image.

  • source (iris.cube.Cube, or dot filename.) –

  • target – A filename or open file handle. If passing a file handle, take care to open it for binary output.

  • **kwargs

    • launch

      Display the image. Default is False.

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