Iris in the Community#

Iris aims to be a valuable member of the open source scientific Python community.

We listen out for developments in our dependencies and neighbouring projects, and we reach out to them when we can solve problems together; please feel free to reach out to us!

We are aware of our place in the user’s wider ‘toolbox’ - offering unique functionality and interoperating smoothly with other packages.

We welcome contributions from all; whether that’s an opinion, a 1-line clarification, or a whole new feature 🙂


There’s a big choice of Python tools out there! Each one has strengths and weaknesses in different areas, so we don’t want to force a single choice for your whole workflow - we’d much rather make it easy for you to choose the right tool for the moment, switching whenever you need. Below are our ongoing efforts at smoother interoperability:


Iris can be extended with plugins! See below for further information: