Source code for iris.experimental.animate

# Copyright Iris contributors
# This file is part of Iris and is released under the BSD license.
# See LICENSE in the root of the repository for full licensing details.
"""Wrapper for animating iris cubes using iris or matplotlib plotting functions.

.. deprecated:: 3.4.0

    ``iris.experimental.animate.animate()`` has been moved to
    :func:`iris.plot.animate`. This module will therefore be removed in a future


[docs] def animate(cube_iterator, plot_func, fig=None, **kwargs): """Animate the given cube iterator. Warnings -------- This function is now **disabled**. The functionality has been moved to :func:`iris.plot.animate`. """ msg = ( "The function 'iris.experimental.animate.animate()' has been moved, " "and is now at 'iris.plot.animate()'.\n" "Please replace 'iris.experimental.animate.animate' with " "'iris.plot.animate'." ) raise Exception(msg)