What’s New in Iris#

v3.5.0.dev30 (07 Feb 2023) [unreleased]#

This document explains the changes made to Iris for this release (View all changes.)

📢 Announcements#

  1. Congratulations to @ESadek-MO who has become a core developer for Iris! 🎉

  2. Welcome and congratulations to @HGWright for making his first contribution to Iris! 🎉

✨ Features#

  1. N/A

🐛 Bugs Fixed#

  1. N/A

💣 Incompatible Changes#

  1. N/A

🚀 Performance Enhancements#

  1. N/A

🔥 Deprecations#

  1. N/A

🔗 Dependencies#

  1. N/A

📚 Documentation#

  1. @rcomer clarified instructions for updating gallery tests. (PR #5100)

  2. @tkknight unpinned pydata-sphinx-theme and set the default to use the light version (not dark) while we make the docs dark mode friendly (PR #5129)

  3. @jonseddon updated the citation to a more recent version of Iris. (PR #5116)

  4. @rcomer linked the PERCENTILE aggregator from the MEDIAN docstring, noting that the former handles lazy data. (PR #5128)

  5. @trexfeathers updated the WSL link to Microsoft’s latest documentation, and removed an ECMWF link in the v1.0 What’s New that was failing the linkcheck CI. (PR #5109)

  6. @trexfeathers added a new top-level Iris in the Community section, as a one-stop place to find out about getting involved, and how we relate to other projects. (PR #5025)

  7. The Iris community, with help from the Xarray community, produced the Iris ❤️ Xarray page, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two packages. (PR #5025)

  8. @bjlittle added a new section to the README.md to show our support for the outstanding work of @ed-hawkins et al for #ShowYourStripes. (PR #5141)

  9. @HGWright fixed some typo’s from Gitwash. (PR #5145)

💼 Internal#

  1. @fnattino changed the order of ncgen arguments in the command to create NetCDF files for testing (caused errors on OS X). (PR #5105)

  2. @rcomer removed some old infrastructure that printed test timings. (PR #5101)