v1.11 (29 Oct 2016)#

This document explains the changes made to Iris for this release (View all changes.)


  • If available, display the STASH code instead of unknown / (unknown) when printing cubes with no standard_name and no units.

  • Support for saving to netCDF with data packing has been added.

  • The coordinate system iris.coord_systems.LambertAzimuthalEqualArea has been added with NetCDF saving support.

Bugs Fixed#

  • Fixed a floating point tolerance bug in iris.experimental.regrid.regrid_area_weighted_rectilinear_src_and_grid() for wrapped longitudes.

  • Allow iris.util.new_axis() to promote the nominated scalar coordinate of a cube with a scalar masked constant data payload.

  • Fixed a bug where iris.util._is_circular() would erroneously return false when coordinate values are decreasing.

  • When saving to NetCDF, the existing behaviour of writing string attributes as ASCII has been maintained across known versions of netCDF4-python.