v1.2 (28 Feb 2013)#

This document explains the changes made to Iris for this release (View all changes.)


Bugs Fixed#

  • The GRIB hindcast interpretation of negative forecast times can be enabled via the iris.fileformats.grib.hindcast_workaround flag.

  • The NIMROD file loader has been extended to cope with orography vertical coordinates.

Incompatible Changes#

  • The deprecated iris.cube.Cube.unit and iris.coords.Coord.unit attributes have been removed.


  • The iris.coords.Coord.unit_converted() method has been deprecated. Users should make a copy of the coordinate using iris.coords.Coord.copy() and then call the iris.coords.Coord.convert_units() method of the new coordinate.

  • With the addition of the var_name attribute the signatures of DimCoord and AuxCoord have changed. This should have no impact if you are providing parameters as keyword arguments, but it may cause issues if you are relying on the position/order of the arguments.

  • Iteration over a Cube has been deprecated. Instead, users should use iris.cube.Cube.slices().