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# Copyright Iris contributors
# This file is part of Iris and is released under the BSD license.
# See LICENSE in the root of the repository for full licensing details.
"""Support for UM "fieldsfile-like" files.

At present, the only UM file types supported are true FieldsFiles and LBCs.
Other types of UM file may fail to load correctly (or at all).


from iris.fileformats._ff import FF2PP
from iris.fileformats.pp import _load_cubes_variable_loader

[docs] def um_to_pp(filename, read_data=False, word_depth=None): """Extract individual PPFields from within a UM Fieldsfile-like file. Returns an iterator over the fields contained within the FieldsFile, returned as :class:`iris.fileformats.pp.PPField` instances. Parameters ---------- filename : str Specify the name of the FieldsFile. read_data : bool, default=False Specify whether to read the associated PPField data within the FieldsFile. Default value is False. word_depth : optional Returns ------- Iteration of :class:`iris.fileformats.pp.PPField`. Examples -------- :: >>> for field in um.um_to_pp(filename): ... print(field) """ if word_depth is None: ff2pp = FF2PP(filename, read_data=read_data) else: ff2pp = FF2PP(filename, read_data=read_data, word_depth=word_depth) # Note: unlike the original wrapped case, we will return an actual # iterator, rather than an object that can provide an iterator. return iter(ff2pp)
[docs] def load_cubes(filenames, callback, constraints=None, _loader_kwargs=None): """Load cubes from filenames of UM fieldsfile-like files. Parameters ---------- filenames : List of filenames to load. callback : optional A function which can be passed on to :func:``. constraints : optional _loader_kwargs : optional Notes ----- .. note:: The resultant cubes may not be in the order that they are in the file (order is not preserved when there is a field with orography references). """ return _load_cubes_variable_loader( filenames, callback, FF2PP, constraints=constraints, loading_function_kwargs=_loader_kwargs, )
[docs] def load_cubes_32bit_ieee(filenames, callback, constraints=None): """Load cubes from filenames of 32bit ieee converted UM fieldsfile-like files. See Also -------- :func:`load_cubes` For keyword details. """ return load_cubes( filenames, callback, constraints=constraints, _loader_kwargs={"word_depth": 4}, )