Source code for iris.warnings

# Copyright Iris contributors
# This file is part of Iris and is released under the BSD license.
# See LICENSE in the root of the repository for full licensing details.
"""Warnings specific to the :mod:`iris` package.


[docs] class IrisUserWarning(UserWarning): r"""Base class for :class:`UserWarning` generated by Iris.""" pass
[docs] class IrisLoadWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Any warning relating to loading.""" pass
[docs] class IrisSaveWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Any warning relating to saving.""" pass
[docs] class IrisCfWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Any warning relating to :term:`CF Conventions` .""" pass
[docs] class IrisIgnoringWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Any warning that involves an Iris operation not using some information. E.g. :class:`~iris.aux_factory.AuxCoordFactory` generation disregarding bounds. """ pass
[docs] class IrisDefaultingWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Any warning that involves Iris changing invalid/missing information. E.g. creating a :class:`~iris.coords.AuxCoord` from an invalid :class:`~iris.coords.DimCoord` definition. """ pass
[docs] class IrisVagueMetadataWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Warnings where object metadata may not be fully descriptive.""" pass
[docs] class IrisUnsupportedPlottingWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Warnings where support for a plotting module/function is not guaranteed.""" pass
[docs] class IrisImpossibleUpdateWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Warnings where it is not possible to update an object. Mainly generated during regridding where the necessary information for updating an :class:`~iris.aux_factory.AuxCoordFactory` is no longer present. """ pass
[docs] class IrisGeometryExceedWarning(IrisUserWarning): """:mod:`iris.analysis.geometry` warnings about geometry exceeding dimensions.""" pass
[docs] class IrisMaskValueMatchWarning(IrisUserWarning): """Warnings where the value representing masked data is actually present in data.""" pass
[docs] class IrisCfLoadWarning(IrisCfWarning, IrisLoadWarning): """Any warning relating to both loading and :term:`CF Conventions` .""" pass
[docs] class IrisCfSaveWarning(IrisCfWarning, IrisSaveWarning): """Any warning relating to both saving and :term:`CF Conventions` .""" pass
[docs] class IrisCfInvalidCoordParamWarning(IrisCfLoadWarning): """Warnings where incorrect information for CF coord construction is in a file.""" pass
[docs] class IrisCfMissingVarWarning(IrisCfLoadWarning): """Warnings where a CF variable references another variable that is not in the file.""" pass
[docs] class IrisCfLabelVarWarning(IrisCfLoadWarning, IrisIgnoringWarning): """Warnings where a CF string/label variable is being used inappropriately.""" pass
[docs] class IrisCfNonSpanningVarWarning(IrisCfLoadWarning, IrisIgnoringWarning): """Warnings where a CF variable is ignored because it does not span the required dimension.""" pass
[docs] class IrisIgnoringBoundsWarning(IrisIgnoringWarning): """Warnings where bounds information has not been used by an Iris operation.""" pass
[docs] class IrisCannotAddWarning(IrisIgnoringWarning): """Warnings where a member object cannot be added to a :class:`~iris.cube.Cube` .""" pass
[docs] class IrisGuessBoundsWarning(IrisDefaultingWarning): """Warnings where Iris has filled absent bounds information with a best estimate.""" pass
[docs] class IrisPpClimModifiedWarning(IrisSaveWarning, IrisDefaultingWarning): """Warnings where a climatology has been modified while saving :term:`Post Processing (PP) Format` .""" pass
[docs] class IrisFactoryCoordNotFoundWarning(IrisLoadWarning): """Warnings where a referenced factory coord can not be found when loading a variable in :term:`NetCDF Format`.""" pass
[docs] class IrisNimrodTranslationWarning(IrisLoadWarning): """For unsupported vertical coord types in :mod:`iris.file_formats.nimrod_load_rules`. (Pre-dates the full categorisation of Iris UserWarnings). """ pass
[docs] class IrisUnknownCellMethodWarning(IrisCfLoadWarning): """If a loaded :class:`~iris.coords.CellMethod` is not one the method names known to Iris. (Pre-dates the full categorisation of Iris UserWarnings). """ pass
[docs] class IrisSaverFillValueWarning(IrisMaskValueMatchWarning, IrisSaveWarning): """For fill value complications during Iris file saving :term:`NetCDF Format`. (Pre-dates the full categorisation of Iris UserWarnings). """ pass