Ionosphere Space Weather#

This space weather example plots a filled contour of rotated pole point data with a shaded relief image underlay. The plot shows aggregated vertical electron content in the ionosphere.

The plot exhibits an interesting outline effect due to excluding data values below a certain threshold.

Total Electron Content
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import as ma

import iris
import iris.plot as iplt
import iris.quickplot as qplt

def main():
    # Load the "total electron content" cube.
    filename = iris.sample_data_path("")
    cube = iris.load_cube(filename, "total electron content")

    # Explicitly mask negative electron content. = ma.masked_less(, 0)

    # Plot the cube using one hundred colour levels.
    qplt.contourf(cube, 100)
    plt.title("Total Electron Content")
    plt.xlabel("longitude / degrees")
    plt.ylabel("latitude / degrees")

if __name__ == "__main__":

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